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Description of the course
EUROLAN SCS Design Basis, Installation and Testing

Тesting for the course "Eurolan SCS designing, installation and testing"




Design Basis Installation and Testing of SCS EUROLAN

Training materials, containing theoretical information about structured cabling system 
design and installation, both in English and in Russian are freely available at the Eurolan
site for downloading and self-study.

EUROLAN SCS Design Basis, Installation and Testing” 
The course is aimed at SCS-based project managers (LAN, systems of monitoring,
control, etc.), executive managers of such projects, a wide range of specialists of opera-
tion of existing and constructed SCS, and SCS customers, specialists of laying, operation,
troubleshooting and certification of SCS. The theoretical part of the course is based on
materials of the International Standard ISO/IEC 11801. The tutorial skills provided by
the course should help the trainees solve the concrete technical tasks at the customers’
sites, applying various technical solutions with application of fibers, balanced cable
(“twisted pair”) and associated connecting hardware provided by EUROLAN, as well
as possibly other advanced cable and network technologies.
Study options: distance. 

Bases of design, installation and testing of the structured cable system EUROLAN