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Rules on Testing EUROLAN SCS Lines and Channels

1. For EUROLAN SCS system certification, 100 % testing of all horizontal lines or SCS channels is necessary.

2. The SCS testing on the basis of symmetrical cable (twisted pair cables) shall be conducted in accordance with the scheme of PERMANENT LINK, also CHANNEL scheme is acceptable for compliance with classes (D, E. EA, F, FA) as per ISO/IEC 11801 standard. Taking into consideration that EUROLAN SCS system is based on the international standard ISO/IEC 11801, it is prohibited, while testing, to use SCS private standards, for instance, American TIA/EIA 568-B2 standard, European EN50173 standard and other standards, such tests are not accepted.

3. For testing it is necessary to use testing equipment complying with ISO/IEC 11801 and IEC 61935-1 standards.

4. The following tester models are acceptable for EUROLAN SCS systems:

______________ - DTX-1200, DTX-1800,
- DSX-5000

- LANTEK 6, 6A, 7, 7G                                      

5. It is required to set a testing scheme for the tester: PERMANENT LINK or CHANNEL, as well as a line or channel class D, E. EA, F, FA as per ISO/IEC 11801 standard.

It is also necessary to set NVP parameter for certain type of the cable applied.

6. Tests results are accepted in electronic form ONLY.