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Eurolan System

The system concept is simplicity, quality and functionality. Simplicity is a set of the components required to create systems which are simple and comprehensible in design and operation. Quality is provided by state-of-art production technologies and constant control of the production process together with optimal material selection. Functionality is a range of products within the framework of Eurolan system, which designed to solve any challenges faced by IT-infrastructure developers.

Eurolan product range includes:
- Copper and fiber-optic systems, including cable systems for DPC and industrial enterprises (Eurolan Industrial subsystem);
- Subsystem of 19 inch installation constructs for telecommunication equipment - Eurolan Rack;
- Set of solutions to create all types of weak current systems for apartment or private house - Eurolan Home.

Copper subsystem on the basis of twisted pairs includes shielded and unshielded cables and cross-connect equipment of 5e, 6 and 6А categories.
Fiber-optic cable subsystem includes OS1, OS2 single mode and OM1, ОМ2, OM3, OM4 multi-mode fibers, cables and cross-connect equipment. Fiber-optic system installation outside buildings (FTTH - Fiber To The Home) and at working places (FTTD - Fiber To The Desk) are easily performed using Eurolan Blown Fiber technology.

19 inch installation line is represented a wide range of products – floor and wall mounted telecommunication cabinets and bays, and their accessories. Eurolan Rack products for data processing centers (DPC) include server cabinets, cable dispatches, air conditioning systems and power distribution units.
Set of solutions to create all types of weak current systems for apartment or private house, Eurolan Home, includes the connection to the Internet, creation of phone and TV networks, as well as video observation networks. They are united into the integrated communication center.