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Lindex Technologies and Eurolan companies held a conference of Eurolan Club, at which they told on plans for the future, on new products, changes in authorized policy and principles of the affiliate network establishment. Ulf Sundman, the Director of Solution Eurolan, reported that this year the company opened two new regional offices – in Great Britain and in Russia. For five years from acquisition of Eurolan, the Russian trademark, and its relocation from Russia to Sweden, the company was included to the top three producers of the passive equipment for SCS in the Northern Europe. Due to the Eurolan Home line, the production got the status of the preferred one in the projects of TeliaSonera, Tele2, Telenor and Skanska operators.

Promotion of Eurolan Home in Russia is limited by discussions yet: though FTTB becomes step-by-step an universal service, building organizations are not interested in installation of home SCS at the stage of a building erection. Besides, the practice is still widespread, when an owner of the apartment is forced to do finishing work independently and select network solutions from available set and budget. The result is seldom optimal and sometimes it makes you think on network reinstallation immediately after finishing the works. Eurolan Home offers a construction set for all types of communication wiring in the apartment or the house: LAN, WAN, telephony, television, audio systems, video systems, video surveillance – all systems are integrated in the single switching center, making it possible to adapt the network to changing requirements.

The zone of responsibility of the Russian representative office includes countries of the former CIS; traditional spectrum of objectives is added with work with Russian producers of components. Eurolan heads for competition, actively searches for the second, along with Lindex, distributor and seeks to shake up the partners. Authorization program turns from unlimited certificates into fixed-date, two-year certificates, upon expiring of which retraining of specialists is needed. For getting bonuses for production, along with authorization certificate of the company, the employee’s certificate is required. Project bonuses are provided, also additional benefits are available for participants of Eurolan Club. Distributors will be included to the club automatically, and partners will have to confirm a membership each year: a guideline will be monthly performances of the tenth participant according to its turnover (incognito).

Among new products – “twisted pair” cable for external installation, containing a water-blocking tape, preventing axial distribution of moisture inside the cable, preserving high-frequency characteristics. Expanded temperature range (from -60 to +70ºC) makes it possible to use the cable in any Russian regions. The other new product – noncombustible optic cable with three-layered external casing from two layers of noncombustible elastron, divided by corrugated steel band. According to results of made tests in Russia, the cable preserves functionality at temperature of 750ºC during 180 min. A line of wall cabinets is added with Midwall model, providing a simplified installation to the wall: first the back wall is fastened, and the cabinet is hanged up on it, supplied assembled.

Georgy Bashilov
Magazine of network solutions/LAN

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