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25-Year System Warranty for Eurolan SCS

Eurolan Authorized Partner shall notify beforehand about the planned installation, and after the installation completion shall present the following materials to Eurolan:

1. The Registration Form for certified Eurolan SCS warranty with the site data;    
2. Line testing results according to permanent link channel layouts under ISO/IEC 11801 (file format - .flw, test database - Linkware Database).


Eurolan reserves the right to inspect Eurolan SCS as a system warranty item and selectively test the installed lines, and after the provided materials examination in case there are no errors or claims, Eurolan shall issue
Eurolan SCS Warranty Certificate in 5 days term. The warranty period starting date is the date of installation completion specified in the Registry Form.

Certificate of Granting the Guarantee
Rules on Testing EUROLAN SCS Lines and Channels
Eurolan Registration Form
Registration Form Example 

Addres for sending failes: warranty@eurolan.com