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Ulf Sundman, the General Director of Solutions Eurolan AB


As many suppliers of structured cable systems, Solution Eurolan AB company looks for new niches – though it doesn’t strive for going out of the limits of SCS direction. The main market is the market of the North Europe where the main accent is made on cable solutions for residential buildings. In addition to a traditional office SCS Eurolan has systems for industrial application and in the beginning of the year shielded cable and components of 6A category for 10-gigabit applications were represented. Cable and connecting production are added with boxes and posts, materials for marking, and recently new equipment for fiber pneumatic installation was represented. In the Russian market, according to BSRIA data, Eurolan is included to the top three leaders of the market. Ulf Sundman, the General Director of Solution Eurolan AB, told on company’s offers in interview to our magazine.

Magazine of network solutions/LAN: What are target markets for the company?

Ulf Sundman: The company sets the goal for three years – until the end of 2012 – to gain a foothold as a largest supplier of cable systems in countries of Scandinavia, the Baltic States and in Russia. We achieved quite good results in the region of Scandinavia and the Baltic States where we promote and sell our solutions successfully, especially Eurolan Home. In a number of countries this product became de-facto standard for organization of home telecommunication systems.

In the Russian market traditional SCS are in the main demand and we could manage to achieve certain results in their promotion. However, a priority goal consists in organization of successful sales of Eurolan Home system. In your country during last few years a building boom was observed.

In cities many apartment buildings are erected, cottage settlements are built very actively. We believe that Eurolan Home system may and has to take its niche in this market.

If to say on the market share, our goal is to keep leading positions including in the Russian market of SCS where, according the report of BSRIA association, already for three years running we are included to the top three leading suppliers together with such big companies as SYSTIMAX Solutions and Tyco Electronics.

LAN: SCS market suffered from crisis more than other markets. What is situation in Eurolan? What do you plan to do?

Ulf Sundman: As the company operates in few markets, we manage to balance rises and falls. In whole the production portfolio is quite big and is meant to different groups of clients and different budgets so we feel quite good.

In plans – production of new products. We have big hopes for Eurolan Blown Fiber, the system of fiber pneumatic installation. This technology is very popular in the market of Scandinavia. In Russia the preference is given to the traditional technology of optics installation and all the same a share of Eurolan optic solutions permanently grows.

In the market of Scandinavia all cables for internal installation should be produced from non-combustible materials with low level of smoke and absence of halogen – FR LSZH. Now as far as I know similar requirements were adopted to fire safety in Russia. We already have a ready-made solution.

We look to the future with optimism. Of course, in 2010 there will be no avalanche-like growth of demand to products for cable systems. However, the production growth in European countries and positive dynamics of the Russian market are, at our opinion, signs of recovery of world-wide and national economics.

LAN: What new does Eurolan offer to its customers?

Ulf Sundman: As I said Eurolan Blown Fiber, the system of fiber pneumatic installation was represented due to which we got an opportunity to take up a unique position among other suppliers as we offer the biggest range of products in the market of certified cable systems.

A new series of Rackcenter boxes were developed specially for DPC. Due to the reinforced frame, made as a formed section, these boxes withstand a load up to 1,200kg. In truth it’s not just boxes but on a set of solutions for organization of DPC infrastructure, including ventilation and conditioning systems, systems of isolation of “hot” and “cold” corridors, power control panels and others.

Eurolan Home system was seriously reprocessed, conceptually and in design. Its main purpose is a home telecommunication system. A structure of new boxes was significantly improved: they may be built into walls or fastened on it. In Sweden this system is an absolute best seller and an actual standard for home telecommunication systems.

For the system of 6A category new modules with the component support of requirements of 6A Category (many producers guarantee correspondence of characteristics of this category only for the ready channel, and not for separate components) were developed. Besides, we remain adherent to shielded solution of 6A category – for this category only the given solution is really reliable at present. I shall notice that we use cables with individual shielding of each pair S/FTP and U/FTP.

There is one more remarkable new product – Q-Tool. With its help an installation of information modules may be carried out considerably faster – up to 80%. Of course, this tool may be just little thing which we can perfectly manage without, but we try to make the system convenient as to the end customer and to those who installs it.

LAN: What interesting projects were implemented in Russia?

Ulf Sundman: One of such projects was implemented together with KamAZ factory in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The enterprise required a high-tech and an inexpensive solution of the European quality for SCS restructuring and according to results of the tender Eurolan SCS was recognized as such. With help of optic components, included to the system, 19 buildings in the factory’s territory were combined.

Eurolan partner, Orbita company, installed more than 600 ports of Eurolan SCS in the administrative building of Dagestan customs. Orbita is one of the leading system integrators of the south of Russia. Beside, this company implemented a project on Eurolan SCS implementation for 1,300 ports in Azov-Black Sea Directorate of Internal Affairs in transport.

During construction of new Trans-Baikal departments of Sberbank and modernization of already existing ones, the customer holds a tender on SCS selection each year. Eurolan SCS wins this tender already the third year running due to optimum ratio of price/quality. Technological flexibility of Eurolan solution makes it possible to minimize expenses to possible modernizations and restructuring in future, that’s why in 100 departments of the bank more than 2,000 ports of SCS of 5e categories were installed.

LAN: What resources Eurolan has for carrying out researches and developments in SCS field?

Ulf Sundman: We have eight high-class engineers on the staff. Besides, we may involve additional resources. The backbone of the company are the people which work in the market of cable systems for many years. The Board of Directors of Eurolan includes Michael Dudly, recognized specialist of the cable field – he held the position of the Executive Vice-President of Cable Design Technologies (CDT) company for many years, where he was in charge of R&D. All employees of Eurolan to any extent take part in researches and developments. Only I, probably, is not directly involved to R&D in the company. But I am always interested in new products and developments.

LAN: What requirements are produced to installers?

Ulf Sundman: We tried to ease obtaining of the authorized partner status for installers maximally. Minimum formal requirements are an availability of one Eurolan certified engineer on the staff. It is recommended to train one more specialist in engineering course, two specialists in courses of copper system installation and two people – in course of optic system installation. For installers of Eurolan Home system there is a separate course.

LAN: Why do they need 25-years warranty?

Ulf Sundman: High quality of cable system should be provided during the whole cycle of its lifetime, and 25 years warranty became a field standard for the leading producers.

The matter is that, first, cable systems are the most conservative segment of the market and solutions in IT field, and the cable system is built for long. Second, in practice a capital repair of buildings is carried out approximately once in 20-25 years. Therefore, SCS should serve for 25 years without loss of connections quality and this is confirmed by the certificate of the system warranty.

Third, and this is, probably, the most important, 25-years warranty serves as a confirmation of high quality of components and SCS, built on their basis. SCS owner may be always sure that the system would never fail during the whole term of operation and he will not invest additional means to technical service, repair and etc. The cost of ownership of our SCS, we may say, tents to zero. We take care on making effective investments to cable infrastructures.

LAN: Is there a demand for 10-gigabit systems? How do the corresponding Eurolan solutions differ?

Ulf Sundman: Of course, there is a demand for such systems. In Sweden, actually in all new office buildings systems of not lower than 6A category/EA class are installed. An obligatory requirement for new buildings is a high flexibility; if planning is to be changed there would be no need to change physical infrastructure e.g. a cable system.

Good investment is considered to be use of already installed cable systems for all existing and new technologies. The same is fair also for old buildings: the longer already installed cable systems serve you, the bigger is a return from investments.

As to Eurolan specificity, we always follow international standards, and in practice our systems exceed their requirements. All Eurolan systems are backward compatible. In Russia, projects of 6A category/EA class are not very popular yet, but, based on growth on a number of projects of 6 category, their quantity will grow.

LAN: What are target applications for Eurolan Home?

Ulf Sundman: Eurolan Home includes solutions for support of all types of broadband access. We intend to promote provision of all types of access to apartments or cottages. Eurolan Home system makes it possible for end users to optimized consumption of services, provided by operators, such as ADSL, VDSL, Ethernet to 1Gbit/sec and others. Due to long-term experience of the work in the market of home telecommunication systems we often act as consultants, transferring our knowledge to new markets.

LAN: There are not many private households in Russia. To what extent is this market perspective for Eurolan Home?

Ulf Sundman: The market grows fast. It covers not only private houses but households of any types. A typical project begins when an operator offers to install the cable system free, and then he collects a monthly charge for access provision. More clients he can connect, more money he earns. Different organizations may act as an operator e.g. the managing company of the settlement. This is an advantageous matter for all: such business model gives a fast return of investments and opens a cheap access to end users to Internet, to television content and other information resources.

LAN: What posts are offered by Eurolan?

Ulf Sundman: We offer a big set of boxes and posts of 19-inch format – from simple and inexpensive to solutions for DPC. Such range of goods is available only in large companies -Rittal, Knuerr, APC. Thus, we adhere to an affordable price policy for all classes of products that gives the results. For example, in Russia in 2009 sales volume of boxes was not reduced and now we have a stable growth.

LAN: What partner policy does the company adhere to?

Ulf Sundman:In Russia there are more than 400 certified companies – installers of Eurolan equipment. These are people who trust us and our products, they are our main assets. We cooperate with Lindex Technologies for a long time and are satisfied how this distributor does its business and popularizes the trademark. In the nearest plans – opening of the representative office in Russia for partners and trademark support.

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