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Sales of Eurolan SCS made in Lindex company grow fast in Scandinavia and the Baltic States

Sales volumes of the structures cable system Eurolan in Russia and in Kazakhstan reached $8 million in 2006. This was reported by representatives of Lindex Technologies at press conference held in the beginning of February on initiative of the Swedish company SolutionEurolan Europe AB.

Eurolan system, until recently, referred to still small number of SCS with the Russian trademark, was made in Lindex in 2002. OEM-agreements for cable production and switching components were concluded then with Advakom factory, and also with Molex Premise Networks and Elix cable. Later Estap installation constructs and also cables, produced by Nexans and Draka were added to them.

According to Igor Suncheley, the Deputy General Director of Lindex, Eurolan name had to symbolize “an international nature of this SCS and its connection with local networks”. Sagacity showed at name selection, was justified in the beginning of the last year, when Eurolan trademark and rights to SCS production were sold to the Swedish company SolutionEurolan Europe AB, established by private investors.

Presently Eurolan includes shielded and unshielded copper components of 5e, 6, 6a categories on the basis of single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics, cable production in polyethylene and LSZH-cases. Intended for apartments and cottages Eurolan Home, a complex system, allows making home local networks, connected to Internet, infrastructure for telephony, television and other low current systems. Eurolan Rack includes boxes and posts for placing of active and passive network equipment.

In period from 2004 to 2006 SCS sales in Lindex doubled each year. They explain this in the company with a permanent availability of SCS components in storehouses, organization of technical support and warranty service, training and certification of partners.

However, according to BSRIA data, even achieved performances did not allow the company, as it was planned in 2003 yet, bring its share of the Russian market of SCS to 3-7%. Suncheley emphasized that the main field of Eurolan application – average and small installations where this SCS is actively used. At the same time, according to his confession, growth of Eurolan application in large projects allowed making the trademark more famous.

The latter, apparently, became one of reasons of Eurolan owner change. Lindex Technologies company, management board of which says on its wish to concentrate on distribution, is now non-exclusive distributor of SolutionEurolan products in Russia and other CIS countries. At present these countries are Kazakhstan and Belorussia.

Conditions of the agreement provide participation on a contractual basis of Lindex specialists in solutions development, included to Eurolan. The result of the joint development was an appearance of accessories for installation boxes last year, made within the limits of Value Added Solutions.

As it was reported by Khakan Oster, the Managing Director of SolutionEurolan Europe AB, sales channels were already formed in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. After ten months upon finishing the deal with Lindex, a share of new countries in Eurolan sales reached almost 40%. Eurolan Home is in a special demand here, in contrast to Russia, which is purchased by building companies. In 2007 they plan to add CCTV Security Monitoring and Security Alarm Systems to Eurolan. Adaptation of solutions is provided subject to regional specificity and their distribution to other countries of Europe.

More than 30% of sales of Lindex Technologies fall on the Eurolan share which supplies also SCS of Molex PN and Legrand. It is expected that Eurolan sales volume would exceed $10 million this year (in sale prices of Lindex).

Alexey ChernobrovtsevComputerworld Россия

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