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FTP connector module of 6a Category of Keystone form-factor


Fully shielded connector module Keystone RJ45 of 6A Category of Eurolan production guarantees compliance with requirements of standards to lines of 6A Category or EA Channels. Application of any special tool is not required for the module termination.

For cable termination without tools it is enough, according to recommendations of standards, to take off an external case from a small part of the cable, to free conductors and to place them to the special dispenser in accordance with a color coding T568A or T568B, thus, an external case should be set against the dispenser (dispenser is supplied together with the module). Then, with help of a flat face sidecutters it is required to cut off excess of bared wire of the cable, to install dispenser with cable to the module and to close the cover.

If the work if performed by a qualified installer, the whole operation takes five-eight times less period of time than a traditional termination of modules with help of an impact tool. A number of cycles of switching on/off of RJ45 socket makes not less than 750 times that corresponds to standards requirements. Socket and IDC connections are performed from tin bronze, alloyed with phosphorus and protected from corrosion by nickeling and gilding.

The module has standard connecting dimensions, satisfying Keystone form-factor, therefore it may be applied not only in Eurolan systems. Shielding to 3600 makes necessary conditions for transmission of high-frequency signals. Phosphorous bronze, which connectors of RJ45 and IDC are made from, provide high electric parameters, reliable protection of connections from corrosion and long-life of the module in SCS.

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