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EUROLAN goes to Europe

EUROLAN system was established by Lindex Technologies company in September 2002 and at first included only the structured cable system EUROLAN SСS. In 2003 EUROLAN was added with EUROLAN Rack products – 19 inch installation constructs and in 2005 – with EUROLAN HOME information telecommunication subsystem. In 2003 Lindex Technologies organized training courses on EUROLAN system for training and certifying of designers and installers.

Last year EUROLAN trademark was sold to SolutionEurolan Europe AB company, established by few private Swedish investors. According to the agreement Lindex Technologies obtained a right to non-exclusive distribution of EUROLAN system in Russia and in countries of the former USSR except for the Baltic States. In other countries (in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and also in the Baltic States) SolutionEurolan AB sells production only through local distributors.

EUROLAN system components are supplied by the whole number of companies. The Russian-Swedish company Advakom produces cables and switching equipment in its factory in Dubna; Draka produces optic cables for EUROLAN, Estap – 19-inch installation constructs, Molex – switching equipment, Nexans – cables. All components correspond to requirements of industrial standards, the production is certified in international and local organizations. EUROLAN provides a 20-year warranty to components, the system and applications.

“It was important for us to buy a system which already has a stable product market and arranged connections with components producers. We intend to work out EUROLAN product structure with purpose of its adaptation under peculiarities of the West-European market. Sales in countries of Scandinavia and the Baltic States began in April 2006. Due to supplies volume growth we could improve conditions from the system components producers in prices and credit lines. Goals for 2007 – development of new EUROLAN subsystems and beginning of sales of the system in other countries of the Western Europe”- said Khakan Oster, the Managing Director of SolutionEurolan Europe AB.

Mr. Oster emphasized that EUROLAN attracted him with its high quality and universality. The system appeared to be in good demand, for example, in the Swedish market, where there are many private houses and 2-storeyed apartments where big families live. Only for 2006 orders from 100 thousand households were placed. In 2007 addition of CCTV Security Monitoring and Security Alarm Systems is planned to EUROLAN. Speaking of plans of the product market expansion, Khakan Oster said that his company is aimed to the countries of the Southern Europe, first to Italy and Spain. Participation in development of the system of Swedish engineers noticeably raised its competitiveness also in the Russian market. (Lindex Technologies continues to take part in development on contractual basis). The company sells EUROLAN system in Russia and in Kazakhstan through a wide network of authorized partners (more than 500 .companies).

In 2002 – 2006 sales volume of the system in these regions doubles each year. In the total turnover of Lindex Technologies a share of EUROLAn system sales makes 30-40%.

At present 60% of the total sales volume of EUROLAN falls on Russia and CIS countries, and the rest 40% - on Sweden and other countries. Mr.Oster mentioned that income of the company in 2006 made $10 million and in future the plans are the following: in 2007 it is planned to be increased to $12 million, and in 2008 – up to $16 million, and in 2009 – to $25 million.

Valery YufaMagazine of network solutions/LAN

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