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Companies summarizes results of the year: Lindex Technologies

The company announced on results of 2006 and plans for 2007. As Mr.Alexey Belnik, the General Director of Lindex, told, the main event of the last year was EUROLAN trade mark sale to SolutionEurolan Europe AB, the Swedish company. The deal amount was not mentioned. He reminded that EUROLAN system was established by Lindex Technologies company in September 2002. At first it included only the structured cable system EUROLAN SСS. One year later EUROLAN was added with a family of EUROLAN Rack products – 19 inch installation constructs and in 2005 – with EUROLAN home telecommunication subsystem, intended for use in small offices, residential houses and apartments. From 2002 to 2006 sales volume of EUROLAN doubled each year.

Components of the system are produced according to OEM agreements by different companies. The main supplier of SCS is a factory of the Swedish company Advakom, located in Dubna.

According to Igor Suncheley, the Deputy General Director of Lindex Technologies, for the first year of the cooperation with SolutionEurolan Europe AB sales volume of EUROLAN system made about $10 million. Mr. Suncheley mentioned that in Scandinavia in connection with boom in the market of home networks EUROLAN Home system is in high demand among specialists – builders.

Today EUROLAN is being sold in ten countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. And about 40% of production is supplied to markets of the Baltic States.

Lindex Technologies continues to participate in development of EUROLAN system, providing these services to the trademark owner on contractual basis. Particularly, this year it is planned to add CCTV Security Monitoring and Security Alarm Systems.

As it was reported by Khakan Oster, the managing director of SolutionEurolan Europe AB, the company plans to supply EUROLAN products to all European countries to 2010.

Alexey Belnik said that after the trademark sale his company will focus on development of the distributor’s business. “Lindex Technologies will supply a wide spectrum of production, he said – SCS components, devices for cable systems installation, cable ductwork systems will be included here. Also we are interested in fast-growing market of electrotechnical equipment”. According to Belnik, supply volume of his company in 2006 increased approximately by 55% in comparison with 2005. A part of SCS EUROLAN equipment in Lindex turnover made 30%. A partnership network grew almost by 40%.

Presently about 1.5 thousand dealers and integrators work with the distributor, quantity of active partners is coming close to 500.

Konstantin GeraschenkoCRN

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