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Eurolan Trademark History

In 2002, by efforts of experienced developers, Lindex Technologies Company, the Russian distributor of electrical equipment created Eurolan flexible and scalable structured cable system which it began to sell on the Russian market of corporate information systems. Three years later Eurolan trade mark has already successfully competed with the market leaders and in 2005 entered the top 5 of the leading producers of brand-name class SCSs. Since 2004 Eurolan has begun to distribute its products on the market of Kazakhstan. The sales of Eurolan performed by Lindex Technologies had been duplicated for six years up to the global financial crisis in 2008.
A recipe for success of Eurolan in Russia is not only in its successful technical solution and high quality components. Lindex Technologies has always maintained high degree of the system availability at its warehouses, provided technical assistance to their partners and held training courses for them. All these actions have ensured the system popularity among hundreds of Russian solution providers and thousand of end customers.
All this success of a comparatively young trade mark had not been left unnoticed and foreign investors began looking at Eurolan narrowly. And finally in 2006 a new landmark in Eurolan history was reached: a group of Swedish investors, professional players on the Scandinavian market, bought the trade mark and established Solutions Eurolan Europe AB in Stockholm, joined the developments carried out by Lindex Technologies and acquired the right to promote Eurolan in Europe. From that moment Lindex Technologies has been taking part in R&D and marketing management and has become the contractual distributor of Eurolan system in Russia.
The trade mark gets a new development impulse. R&D potential increases five times, which promptly leads to the creation of two new subsystems: Eurolan Blown Fiber and Eurolan Home for dwelling sector, which made it possible to come into the new market segments. By the present moment, Eurolan Home subsystem is installed in hundreds of thousands of Swedish apartments. Eurolan is also successfully sold on the Scandinavian corporate market of information systems. Eurolan has become de facto the standard of DPC installation in offices of two telecommunication giants and also received the status of the preferential provider in several well-known Scandinavian telecommunication companies. At present, Eurolan Head office sells the system in England, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. In 2010, a new Eurolan trade representation was established in Russia. A training center for partners and end users began to operate on its basis. In 2012, the second trade representation was established in England.
Number of ports in certified installations has already exceeded 700 thousand only in the CIS countries, and the total number of installed ports has already exceeded 2 million, more than 150 km of twisted pair cable have been laid, the number of active partner certificates is more than 500 and the number of certified Eurolan engineers and installers is more than 1,000 persons. Approaching its 10th anniversary, Eurolan trade mark is gradually becoming an International brand preferred by more and more number of large famous Customers, including different commercial enterprises, banks and state organizations.